visceral fat levels

Stimulation of growth hormone especially in patients with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is of great importance. Growth hormone is associated with metabolic regulation and reducing the amount of fat in the belly. HIV-infected patients usually demonstrate a high prevalence of non-alcoholic fatty liver diseases as a result of increased visceral adipose tissue. Medics argue that continuous accumulation of visceral fat has high chances of heart-related diseases. Recent studies show that patients infected with HIV and using tesamorelin had 18% reduction in belly fat. A growth hormone releasing factor (tesamorelin) may selectively reduce visceral fat in the HIV patients. Typically, tesamorelin works by increasing endogenous pulsatile growth hormone in the body and has minimal side effects on fat below the skin.

Studies show that adults make the bigger population of people suffering from the increased accumulation of belly fat. In general, adults’ especially HIV-infected patients experience increased belly fats as the production of growth hormones decrease. Studies between 1980 and 1990 suggested that HIV-positive individuals produce lower than required levels of growth hormone. To boost the growth hormone to ensure that HIV-infected patients are not troubled with the increase in belly fat, medics suggests the use of tesamorelin. Recommendation of tesamorelin is usually done by medics due to its ability to increase the production of growth hormones in the body thus curbing the effects of increased visceral fat.

Primarily, tesamorelin is a drug that works by stimulating a gland in the brain commonly known as the pituitary gland that initiates the production and release of the growth hormone. By increasing growth hormone production in the body, excess belly fat is adequately diminished to ensure a healthy body composition and gain of lean tissues.

Tesamorelin has been put to various studies aiming at investigating its effects on increasing fat loss compared to other medicines such as placebo. Studies showed that tesamorelin had the potential to stimulate the brain to produce growth hormone. Tesamorelin was approved in November 2010 by the FDA following its effectiveness in reducing excess deep belly fat compared to its counterpart placebo. Tesamorelin is administered trough injection once daily and the delivery pen should be stored in the refrigerator so that to protect it from light and damage. Additionally, HIV patients should follow the provided medical instructions while using tesamorelin so that to achieve its effectiveness in belly fat burning process.

Patients with excess deep belly fat not only feel uncomfortable with the conspicuous larger belly, it can also make them less active as they were before. Getting rid of visceral fat may be enough to make the patient feel better and overcome the discomfort associated with a large belly. Although tesamorelin has the capability of initiating metabolism of belly fat, it also appears to increase insulin levels. Increased insulin level may lead to diabetes in diabetic patients. Further, its use for more than one year can lead to the appearance of tesamorelin antibodies in the body. It is for this reason; medics should take precaution before administering this belly fat burner to patients.

Besides tesamorelin use in HIV-infected patients, it can also be viewed as an effective weight control product. Although the bigger population of people suffering from lipodystrophy are usually HIV-infected patients, there are those who are not HIV positive but still suffer from the increase belly fat. However, way to adequately treat the condition can be complex but it is advised to consult a medic before taking tesamorelin.

Conclusively, Tesamorelin has been clinically tested in more than 900 HIV positive people and within a period of 12 months using the drug, there were tremendous results. Their belly fat reduced by 18% and their muscles developed appropriately resulting in leaning body shape. Most HIV-infected patients who were used in tesamorelin effectiveness studies showed an increased muscle mass and loss of belly fat. However, it is advised for HIV-positive patients with a diabetic condition to consult a doctor before using tesamorelin. This is mainly due to the fact that using tesamorelin may make the body change in terms of its ability to respond to insulin levels. Further, diabetic patients bodies may become less sensitive to the effects of insulin leading to its regulation in the body thus trigerring the diabetic condition. The drug has minimal side effects; some of the known tesamorelin include joint pain and headache.